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About us

To Make Power Electronics Easy

About Us

PEModule is a leading company in power electronics solutions, we make it easy by providing robust Power Electronics devices in solar energy inverters, motor drives, automotive industry by using the latest technologies profile.

PEModule   serve customers in the field of Oil & Gas Electronics, Industrial Motor DrivesEnergy Saving, Renewable Energy and 

Automotive sectors.

PEModule professional in PCB assembling services with the latest technologies to insurance delivers the best product quality.

Our Team
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PEModule mission is to be the Complete power electronics solutions and assembly house of choice in the Arab marketplace for companies who desire a business partner with quality production capabilities.

Continuous work and reliance on the latest technological means enable us to outperform our competitors and reach our products to all countries of the world. 

PEModule company has a team of experts and specialists in the electronics industry who rely on creative and innovative ideas and apply them to reality. 

Every member of the team carries out the tasks assigned to him to the fullest, for the convenience of our customers and achieving the highest levels of professionalism.


PEModule company provides services with special specifications to its customers and these specifications are as follows: high-quality products, reliance on international standards in manufacturing, high accuracy, efficiency because our highest goal is the satisfaction of our customers and their permanent trust. 

Long-term success requires building a strong strategy and implementing it accurately because our goal is to ensure the implementation of our customers' desires and pay attention to the smallest details to obtain high-quality products. 

The reasons for the success of PEModule are the presence of a collaborative team of experts in the field, innovative and creative ideas in addition to high-quality products. 


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