Repairing and Maintenance Service - PEModule

Repairing and Maintenance 

Repairing and Maintenance Service

PEModule offers in-house power electronics modules Repair Service. We do complete repair and testing of most make inverters and Power Electronics based devices .

Our technicians will load test and confirm proper operation for motor drives, battery chargers, solar inverters and forklift motor drives.

PEModule can fully test and evaluate your inverter to see if it is operating properly for fixed flat fee. Our test fees are always credited back should you decide to move forward with the repairs of your unit.

All repair and testing work is performed at our Lab facilities.

Walk-ins welcomed.


All repairs are carried out and warranted in our ISO and CE certified Laboratories Equipment across Europe


Alternative to repair, a flexible, tailor made solution based on individual customer requirement is available.


At customer request, product evaluation reports to establish the extent of the damage to the inverter

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We are offering in-stock components replacement for most of power electronics chips