Terms and Conditions - PEModule

Terms & Conditions

Order Cancellation and  Refund Policy

  • PEModule    does not accept returns of products or services. However, we may facilitate customers case by case bases.
  • Customer is liable for the cost of parts that have been purchased or expenses that have been occurred prior to cancelling the order.
  • Once the order is processed, it can’t be canceled.

Limited Liability and Disclaimer

  • The contents of this website, software and documents (datasheets, application notes, etc.) have been prepared with the utmost care. PEModule  does not, however, offer any guarantee with regard to the correctness, completeness and correctness of the content provided. Users shall make use of the content at their own risk.
  • PEModule    has no liability whatsoever on products/services availed by customers and/or any other party, and cannot be held accountable for any damage, loss of life or property. Customer is solely responsible of proper and legal use of product/services offered by PEModule .

General Terms

  • 100% Advance payment with purchase order is required unless otherwise specified in the quotation.
  • Any delays due to non-compliance of payment terms will be the responsibility of buyer.
  • In case of force majeure, PEModule  shall be released from its obligation to deliver until the end of the force majeure situation. PEModule shall inform the contracting party thereof immediately. The impossibility of a sufficient supply of raw materials and provision of means of transport, strikes and lock-outs are considered cases of force majeure. At the end of the force majeure situation, it shall be decided by mutual agreement whether a subsequent delivery is to be carried out for those deliveries which were not made during the force majeure situation.
  • PEModule cannot be held responsible for shipment delays, custom clearance delays, etc. which are out of PEModule control. Customer cannot demand refund in such situations.
  • PEModule cannot be held responsible for damage/loss occurred during shipping. Customers must communicate with couriers for any claims, or contact us prior order processing for shipment insurance. Additional charges may apply.